Essentica's products and their constant quality are of essential importance for many business sectors of the economy. Adhering to the philosophy of sustainable development, the company's business model is based on the 4Ps of long-term development - combining the right People with the right Process, we contribute to the better future of the Planet and to the development of mutually Profitable relationships with our Partners. 


Above all, we, the people working at Essentica, are our most valuable asset. Essentica's team consists of experts who always strive to find a better, more creative and flexible solution for our partners. Our work is a passion, a calling and a mission for us! We are here for you so that we can build our future together.Our strive for sustainable development has always been the cornerstone for the creation of every one of our business processes. We strive for effective and environmentally friendly production in Essentica and our main goal is to constantly reduce the environmental footprint of our activity.Guided by our concern for Nature, we optimize the consumption of raw materials and energy. We use 100% of the raw materials and we virtually have a closed production cycle without generation of waste materials. In recent years we have invested in the reconstruction of our pumping station as well as in the construction of a wastewater treatment plant and our own steam-generating unit running on biomass.

Essentica upholds its social responsibility at all stages of its activity. Essentica's control and care for doing so start with the sources of raw materials which are only provided by local farms, they include the company's efforts to have effective production in terms of saving energy and its activities regarding wastewater treatment, and last but not least Essentica's responsibility towards its employees and partners. All these actions are governed not by economic but by social factors for building a better future.

We strive to prove that we are an innovative, customer-focused company which provides quality products. In our relationships with our customers we aim at fostering partnerships, resulting in valuable long-term business relationships. We try to find the best solution to their needs and we constantly seek ways to develop and improve our products.