Grain distillate

Grain distillate

Essentica produces grain distillate, which is characterized by high quality and excellent organoleptic properties. Only selected grains and malted cereals produced under the careful control of our experienced specialists are used. The must which goes through the distillation process is fermented using specially selected yeast strains that carry out the fermentation process in a manner that achieves a product with specific properties that meet our high requirements. Our distillation system has a production capacity of 30,000 liters per day and the high-end equipment we use  ensures consistent high quality of the product in compliance with the most stringent criteria for product safety.

Our grain distillate has excellent physico-chemical and organoleptic properties for becoming grain whiskey after aging in oak barrels for at least three years. In our modern cellar we use high quality oak barrels for aging, which enables us to also offer our customers aged grain distillate ready to be used in the production of quality grain whiskey.

Advantages of the grain distillate produced by Essentica:

  • Guaranteed origin of the raw materials and strict control over the additional raw materials which are used
  • Technological equipment that guarantees the production of high quality product
  • Excellent organoleptic and physico-chemical properties 
  • Outstanding potential for aging in oak barrels
  • Constant quality proven by international certificates
  • Reliable and fast delivery
  • 24/7 continuous monitoring 
  • Raw material preferred by the largest manufacturers of alcoholic beverages in the region
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Types of packaging:

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Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)